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What is HCR?
Hedge Court Robots is a site dedicated to my favorite hobby. The pages found here are some chronicles, stories, tutorials, and descriptions about the variety of robots I've made over the years since I got my first robot book.
Hedge Court Robots
There are more on the Projects page, but here are some recent developments at HCR...


Seahorse Seahorse - The next line follower in the sequence, controlled by an Adafruit Arduino Pro Trinket 5v and some phototransistors for line sensing. This was so much fun trying to produce something solid, flexible, modular and functional. It brought together ideas I've had floating in my head for years, and brought to the surface with recent tinkering on Crabby


Crabby Crabby - A line following robot controlled by an Adafruit Arduino Pro Trinket 5v and some CdS photocells for line sensing. This is the production model of Tridolph. An amazing experience building a robot, capping a long strange journey spanning a decade of on again, off again robot activities.

Laser Beam Timer

Laser Beam Timer Laser Beam Timer - How can I assess the performance of my line following algorithm changes? A custom designed and built laser break-beam timing device, that's how! A laser pointer from the pet supplies section of the dollar store, a spare CdS photocell, and an Adafruit Arduino Trinket make this baby rock. Oh, and a little dental mirror, just for fun.


Bronzer Bronzer - A factory that makes miniature models of factories? No, but it is an electronic project that enables me to make more electronic projects. A UV Exposure Box for making homebrew printed circuit boards. Currently in Phase 1, Bronzer provides a UV LED Matrix strong enough to expose a circuit in 1:45 minutes, paving the way for high quality, tightly packed copper traces and pads for other projects.
Editor's Note
As you read the pages in this site, try to pronounce the word "robot" like "rO-bit" or "rO-but", simply because its way more fun.
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