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Seahorse Seahorse - The next line follower in the sequence, controlled by an Adafruit Arduino Pro Trinket 5v and some phototransistors for line sensing. This was so much fun trying to produce something solid, flexible, modular and functional. It brought together ideas I've had floating in my head for years, and brought to the surface with recent tinkering on Crabby.

Crabby Crabby - A line following robot controlled by an Adafruit Arduino Pro Trinket 5v and some CdS photocells for line sensing. This is the production model of Tridolph. An amazing experience building a robot, capping a long strange journey spanning a decade of on again, off again robot activities.

Laser Beam Timer Laser Beam Timer - How can I assess the performance of my line following algorithm changes? A custom designed and built laser break-beam timing device, that's how! A laser pointer from the pet supplies section of the dollar store, a spare CdS photocell, and an Adafruit Arduino Trinket make this baby rock. Oh, and a little dental mirror, just for fun.

Bronzer Bronzer - A factory that makes miniature models of factories? No, but it is an electronic project that enables me to make more electronic projects. A UV Exposure Box for making homebrew printed circuit boards. Currently in Phase 1, Bronzer provides a UV LED Matrix strong enough to expose a circuit in 1:45 minutes, paving the way for high quality, tightly packed copper traces and pads for other projects.

Tridolph Tridolph - A prototype line following robot. Features include Arduino UNO R3 controller, solderless breadboard, and zipties zipties zipties. He does well enough at following high contrast lines on nice smooth surfaces, and he does nearly well enough on tape and carpet. This robot served as a launching point for more advanced line followers.

ATtiny26 Dev BoardPhilly Philly - The first robot I ever attempted to build from scratch without following any instructions or kit. Originally designed to race Sandwich around the Basement Oval, Philly spent a decade in a shoebox, waiting for his maker to return to hobby robotics. Early in the construction process, I built an ATtiny26 prototype board as an experiment in PCB fabrication.

Sandwich Sandwich - The second robot I ever completed is a Sandwich robot, as described in David Cook's first book, Robot Building for Beginners. Sandwich is a simple line following robot who can follow either a dark or light line, thanks to a DPDT switch. There's lots of eye candy on this page and some video of my Sandwich following some lines and playing with a dog.

Overboard Overboard - This is a daughterboard/PCB that provides output in various forms (LED, Audio, LCD Character Display). Useful for debugging other circuits and microcontroller firmware. Currently in version v0.1, Overboard is not very useful yet, but lots of fun to build.

Symet Symet - My first robot was a Symet, as described in the book Junkbots, Bugbots, & Bots on Wheels, by Dave Hrynkiw and Mark W. Tilden. Sy is a fun, simple project great for a beginner or someone who is learning about BEAM robots. Click on the Symet icon to learn about one of the many uses for an old hotel room key.

Roverbot Roverbot - The next robot is a Lego Mindstorms Roverbot. The Lego Constructopedia describes how to build this sturdy robot base, complete with modular/interchangeable drive train and sensor mount. The challenge is to write the software. In its first iteration, Roverbot is a line following robot, because Sandwich needed some competition.
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