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I'm an amateur builder with average intelligence, average hand/eye coordination, average carpentry skills, average.....you get the idea. I make robots and electronics in my basement for fun, with no formal education or training in the field of robotics, and more importantly, I pay little heed for safety. I strongly recommend against copying any of the designs, circuits, or algorithms found on this website, mainly because I barely got them to work myself. Your mileage will vary.

All material on this website is the property of the owners of HedgeCourt.com.

This website is intended for enthusiasts of robots as a hobby. No content, advice, ideas, circuits, mechanics, designs or anything else should be used for any application where bodily injury, death, financial loss, or anything else that you enjoy is at risk. None of the content should be considered suitable for industrial or commercial applications.

The owners of HedgeCourt.com shall not be liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from this website.

Be sure to check all safety regulations before using any dangerous tools (any tools used for robot building can be considered dangerous).

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